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Sept 2 - Camp

Starting work on siding.  Will be board and batten. Putting up boards first, then rip 1x4's for batten.




Sept 3



Now to the oter side



What skies!



Other buildings on campus.  Remember the two posts on the road into the barn.  We'll get back to them later.




Sept 4 - Water Antics

Having a Labor Day reunion this weekend.  Last chance to get into the water.





mergansers coming in for the fun



Ducks too



Sept 5 - More lake pictures



Sept 6 - our camp




Sept 7

Roger's famous recipe...



Sept 9 - Back to Work






Sept 11 - Baxter State Park


Baxter State Park is about 1/2 hour away, and we spent the day there.














Color starting already








Back at the camp



what a pretty place to spend a month...


Sept 12 - Color around Grand Lake

Took a walk today around the place.  Took my camera along as well.







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