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Dec 08 - Bradford Pear Red



Dec 08 - Christmas Party at the Ranch

Our Christmas Party at Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community.  Elephant gifts. Rules were that when it was your turn, you could get one or claim someone else's. Who says seniors don't have fun?








Dec 10 - Winter Festival in Tyler

In mid-December, the City of Tyler and Brookshire's Grocery chain put on a Winter Festival in which tons of snow are blown onto a hill in the city park, and kids (grownups, too) get to tube down on the snow hill, as well as throw snowballs.


Waiting patiently for your turn on the slide




Unfortunately, all of the record we have of them coming down the hill are movies, which have to be processed and resized to put here.  But, here are the snowball fights.



on the bungee



Busted and in jail?


Dec 11 - Christmas Party at Church







Dec 13 - Grandkids Opening Christmas Presents

Yeah, I know its Dec 13, but when travel schedules conflict with Christmas, you do it earlier.

Spiderman stuff and orange (Levi's favorite color)



Star Trek and doll



Dec 24 - Christmas Eve in Oklahoma at Gary and Aimee's

We had several Christmas present opening.  This one at Gary and Aimee's with Mike, Diana, Justin, Patty and Ed as well as another tomorrow at Gary and Deb Simmons place with Brady, Jan and the grandkids.































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