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Dec 12 - ABU DHABI again

We arrived in Abu Dhabi again to visit with Aimee and Gary for a month during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  This time, Gary's son Mike, who came last week, will be with us for the next three weeks.  Those of you who missed the journal on the first trip, see HERE.  Just to remind you, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are on the south east side of the Saudi Arabia peninsula.  Gary and Aimee's house is near Al Mafraq on the map o the right, and we will be visiting both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, further up on the peninsula.



The last pictures we took in Nov 2012 were of the construction of the school building across the street (HERE).  We since found out that the school was only the first part of the construction with the major part now the new Al Ayn (or Alain) University of Science and Technology.

From the balcony on the third floor:




Take a walk outside.  The exteriors are silver and gold colored.



Inside and gate for Sahara complex where we are staying



The elementary school we thought they were building last year is on the side of the current construction. Another building is being constructed behind the school and university building, something like a gymnasium or auditorium?


Other sights on the walk.  How homes are built here, a mansion adjacent, and the "longhorn building" in the distance.



And the buildings on the left are now completed.



Dec 15 - Dalma Mall

One of our first excursions was to Dalma mall.  Still suffering from jet lag - 10 hours difference between here and Texas - day is night and night is day.

Dalma is a big mall .


Christmas has come to Abu Dhabi:


The guys buying popcorn.  That's Mike here.


This weekend is the Camel Festival where they have a Camel Beauty contest, among other events, like date taste awards and falcon exhibitions.

   Beauty, isn't she?  She? or he?

We hit the Ace hardware store for a few things, then to Ikea to pick up a section for the sofa.

Don't you like the room setups at Ikea?  I know you can get pictures something like this in the catalog, but for those who don't get the catalog, here are some.  One reason I did theis was to try out my new camera.  I had been using a Panasonic Lumix ZS30 with 20X zoom, but the new one is a Panasonic Lumix LX7 with only 7.8X zoom, but much better lenses. At as low as F1.4, I shot all of these without any flash.  Picturea are clear and vibrant - here at 400X300 pixels, You should see them at taken at 3776 X2520 pixels.













The, we stopped for lunch at Ikea, always a treat.



Dec 18 - Al Wahdi Mall

Another mall.  Here are updated pictures of theTrade Center on the way to the mall, and the hotel above the mall.



It's a fsshion mall.


Window at Gloria Jean's where you can get a great latte.

Inside the mall


Here we are.....


Look at this pastry store...


And, of course, Christmas is alive and well at Al Wahdi mall as well....





Underground parking.


Dec 18 - Road through Abu Dhabi to Gary's office building

After the trip to the mall, we had to drop off some papers at Gary's office.  These are the buildings on the roads to his office.  All of thee are taken from in the car where I was sitting in the back.  The pictures are through the glass.










Dec 19 - Mayzad Mall

Yeah, more mall....

In the parking underground, an Audi I never saw before....







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