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Apr 04 - Kids at Home

Went to Brady and Jan's place, took some pictures of grandkids

Gum is fun...




Training wheels coming off soon




Apr 05 - Beamer For Sale

Took some pictures of our 1992 BMW Touring preparing it for sale.  It's been a good car, bought in 2003 and used for over 100,000 miles, with few hiccups until recently. Time to go.



Apr 10 - Board Meeting and Outside Picnic at BLCRC



I think that Jim saying it's Sooooo good!




Apr 14 - Our Irises

Really nice this year.  I guess all of the flowers ad trees are doing good this year.


Apr 16 - More Flowers and Butterflies




Same yet different





Apr 21 - Kilgore Oil Museum

In Kilgore, about an hour east of where we live, is a museum with artifacts from the oil boom days of East Texas.  Interesting exhibits and old vehicles.





Apr 23 - Field day at Christian Heritage School






Apr 24 - Wills Point Festival


Grandpa and Grandma brought the four grandkids to the Festival at Wills Point. 




snakes and lizards


and of course, climbing on the fire truck


When we came home, Mary showed us her rabbit.


Apr 28 - Painted Buntings on our Feeder




Apr 28 - Best of Our Flowers



azaleas, roses and roses


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