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Home from our long trip, there was still lots to do this year.  Here are some of the highlights.  Goes to show that we are not idle between trips!


Oct 16 - the Lindale Parade








Oct 17 - with Brady/Jan's Foster kids








Oct 30 - Horses and kids

had a dress-up Halloween affair at the local church...brought the kids






and a hayride after that


Nov 13- our Bradford's

white flowers in the spring, red leaves in the fall



Nov 15 - Mary's Fire Poster prize

Mary won a prize again (the second year) for her fire poster.




reward: pancakes at IHOP



Nov 18 - the Thanksgiving school play







Nov 23-25 Thanksgiving in Oklahoma


   the army home where Gary and Aimee live


At Gary's place for Thanksgiving


Geneva and Ramona. Gary carving the turkey, Patty and Scott




Adam and the Bess Boys chillin'



Dec 20-25 Christmas in Oklahoma


Back to Lawton, Oklahoma for Christmas with family.

A Christmas tradition - up Mount Scott near Lawton.






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