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Oct 01 - Delaware, with the Awokuse's


Made our way west and south through New York to Delaware to visit with the Awokuse's, in time for a birthday party.



Soccer!  What a goaler!



Went for an outdoor trek at a local park.






Churh.. Look at the signup for small groups getting together based on their passions..


Nice old mansion.





Spending the night at WalMart - one of our favorite "campgrounds".


Oct 6 - The Creation Museum - KY


Visit to the Creation Museum in Kentucky, near Cincinnati. Beautiful, well-done, exposition of Creationism and why Darwinism doesn't work.
















    Man living WITH the dinosaurs


different displays, beautifully done

    the prophets, Paul


Noah and the arc






Mount St Helens reveals effects thought to be "millions of years" old



















The Deception




Stones, minerals






You could spend days here.  We made our way home to Lindale from here.


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