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Aug 21 - St Andrews, NB

Neat tourist village of St Andrews in New Brunswick.  Originally settled by Loyalists in 1781 after the American revolution. The English eventually pushed back the French that had been living here (next to Quebec) further east and north.



I haven't seen an old Corvette like this in many years.


Beautiful lodge




Aug 22 - Linkletter Provincial Park, PEI

Start of a few days in Prince Edward Island.  This provincial park is just close to the bridge from the mainland.  RED sand everywhere.  The second picture, believe it or not, is what we see from our RV in the campground.







Aug 23 - North Cape, PEI


Drove the circle around the North Cape. 




Came to the wind farm research project.











Also found some farners collecting sea weed that is used for extracting carrageenen, a widely used thickener used for chocolate milk and puddings.  Now use tractor and manure spreader (!) to spread for drying before shipping overseas for processing.  Used to use horses.





Red sand.  Beautiful cloud skies.



Aug 24 - North Cape, PEI


Great campground, a provincial park alongside the water.




A short distance away.






How this area was settled.


Aug 25 - Cavendish, PEI area


Coming into Anne of Green Gables area.



We came across a neighborhood event - a telling of a story about the area several decade ago.


On the beach:


Aug 25 - Same day - Green Gables




Aug 25 - same day - Montgomery homes


Where Lucy Maude Montgomery (authof Anne books) lived when she was a teacher



Then, Silver Bush, another home.  Now a museum.







Aug 26 - Charlottetown

Capitol of PEI, major city.  Important history.




Lots of colorful sights.





Aug 27 - Frederickton. NB

Off the island and working our way back to Maine.  Stopped in Frederickton for the farmers' market tomorrow, which we heard a lot about.

Again. lots of history.










Then, we waited for the changing of the guard in the square.






What we didn't know is that Patty and I were selected to review the guard, and we stood there as they stopped, we exchanged words, and then discharged them.




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