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Aug 1 - Saranac Lake, NY

Weekend - time for exploring and going back to places we enjoyed before.  Saranac lakes (several of them) and the town of Saranac Lake are a great road trip from where we will be working at Camp Shoshanah in Keeseville, NY, in the Adirondacks.   We have worked (as of 2010) 7 times here, mainly because it is about 1.5 hour from Montreal, and it was convenient for visits there to see sister Mimi and Ed's mom, who passed away in 2008.



On the way back, we stopped to hear one of our favorite singers and storyteller - Roy Herd.




Aug 07 - Beloeil, Quebec

Took sister Mimi to a restaurant in Beloeil that we enjoyed previously.  On a river overlooking the mountains...



I like my sister.  Think she likes me too.



It's an old French Canadian town with some old money.




Aug 08 - installing a metal roof at Camp Shoshanah






Aug 13 - Around Trout Pond at Camp

One of the assets at the camp is Trout Pond.





Aug 14 - Keene NY Taxidermy

Had Uncle Emil and Johanne come to spend the day with us. Did I tell you about Emil? He's an uncle who is younger than I am and we used to get into mischief together as boys. We took them around, and stopped in Keene at the taxidermy shop and then to Paul Smiths for the VIC.  THe taxidermy is the best we have seen.  Here are some of the animals.













The Paul Smiths VIC is a state park with walks i the woods and along a wetland lake.








On the way back, look at this...




The moose is painted on!

Nice Inn.



Aug 20 - St Stephen, New Brunswick


A week later.  we're now finished our work at the camp, and are headed to...Prince Edward Island - a province in Canada off the coast of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Passed a wildlife management area with eagle nest.





Aug 21 - the Fundy coast

This coast in New Brunswick is famous for its tides - I remember 17 feet.

First made our way to the Caves restaurant.












Now the tides - high water boats






Now to the Rocks









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