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June 5 - Testicle festival and Bagnell Dam


Yes, Testicle Festival - we couldn't resist going there....




Big lines waiting to buy...





     Interested in these new siding panes with insulation.






Later, went to the visitor center,






  view out the back window



That's Bob and Karen Lovell, who went with us, and worked with us at the sower project.


Went back to Bagnell dam.  Saw this bird fishing...





June 7 - Work at NTM


Just a few pictures showing what we were up to at NTM.



  Here we are parked for the three weeks of the Sower Project at NTM.  We got a tree for shade! It's hot this month.


The ladies are working in the shop and preparing apartments for painting.  Te guys had a building to paint







Also started removing roofing and all interior hardware from this building so it could be demolished....



   The parking spot held by Bob and Karen, next to the lake so they could launch their kayaks..


June 10 - Crossover Festival

This was a weekend by NTM and the community to communicate the work of the mission.  Had speakers, talks, music and a simulated excursion to a tribe in New Guinea.




First we meet a boat in the jungle that will transport us to the site.  The people on the boat do not speak English and are hostile!








  This is a picture of a new facility planned for here.


June 11 - Jefferson City, MO


It's the weekend, and Patty and I drive to Jefferson City to see the museum and the capitol.  It's on the Missouri river.  On the way, we pass through a bicycle park where we see this about the county.  Pictures are of common birds here.




Building on the right is a historical museum.  On the left a period hotel.  On the far right is an old picture of  the area.




Posters in the museum...




   I like this one with a cat on the boat...


A short walk away is the capitol building.  The story is that the capitol had burned down again and the citizens of the state were asked to help finance a new structure.  The money coming in was more than needed, so it was used to beautify the interior.




One room was filled with pictures on all walls depicting the state's history.






Then there was the house...







Impressive, isn't it?  So many more pictures, and these do not give you the complete feeling for the place. We judge it it is the most beautiful capitol we've seen.


June 14 - Demolish the building








Meanwhile, back to work....




THs is what we saw at the end of the afternoon.





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