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August 01 - Black Canyon

West to 347, north to the Black Canyon

Again, hard to see anything...the canyon is so big.  In the morning, we saw there is a road with a few stops to view the river below.






August 01 - Grand Mesa Island Lake Camp

Up to Crawford, down to Montrose (laundry and lunch day!), then north on 65 to Olathe (bought some famous Olathe sweet corn), the up to the Grand Mesa Stopped first at Inland Lake camp.



Getting fire ready for the sweet corn (we had corn several days on a row, it was so good)


The views at this camp were outstanding!





Aug 02 - the Flowers of the Grand Mesa

Little did we know before we came up to the Grand Mesa that the flowers were in perfect bloom.  There is a dirt park road that is on the mesa ridge to Land's End, and it was here that we saw all of these flowers......





























The color and variety made us giddy!


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