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July 27 - onward west to Cottonwood Lake SP


West on 24 to Buena Vista, then west again to Cottonwood Lake.

Gorgeous lake at higher elevation.





July 28 - Cottonwood pass and Crested Butte


You see here we took west from Cottoonwood lake, over Cotonwood pass to Almont, then north on 135 to Crested Butte, hoping for a place to spend the night.

At the pass:




Stopped at this roadside park near Almont.

    Some bull!


Flowers in Crested Butte where we stopped for lunch at this interesting cafe with a license plate-studded wall.





We couldn't find a lace in Crested Butte, so we drove back south to a small county park in Almont.


July 29 - Gunnison Elk Creek COE Park

Stayed the first day in Gunnison at the Elk Creek COE park.



July 30  Walk down on the Curecanti Creek trail


A 2+mile hike down then up 880+ feet with a park ranger.  Curecanti creek is west of Gunnison.









Vultures roosting...



July 31 - Black Canyon South Rim

A little further west and you come to the Black Canyon.



Hard to see anything...it's so far down



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