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Aug 05 - Rifle Falls SP

Time to leave the Grand Mesa.  Up 65 to interstate 70, then east to Rifle and north on 325 to the second state park - Rifle Falls.



These are triple falls.  Great walk up and behind the falls.





April 06 - Rifle Falls, cont.

Spent the night at the campground, and went for a hike to see the falls again the next morning.






Drove south from Rifle to Glenwood Springs: great water park.

Then south to a park near  Merideth for the night


August 07 - Backed up to Basalt then through Aspen to Independence Pass and Twin Lakes








Found a secluded spot south of Twin Lakes to spend the night. Quiet and Free.



August 08 - Leadville

Up the road from Twin Lakes to Leadville, one of our favorite stops.

On the way to Leadville, our road and how it used to be....



Leadville today, a pretty town with interesting buildings






Mining residues up the hill from town (where we spent the night at 11000 feet).







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