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Aug 09 - Turquoise Lake, Leadville

Aptly named a few miles form Leadville



More closeups and you can see Leadville nestled in the mountains across the lake.


Went for a hike on a trail near the lake





Humor everywhere.

Aug 10 - Frisco

Spent the day in Frisco (south of Silverthorne).  Yuppie town, compared with Leadville.

On the way there....

How would you interpret these two signs if you were in an RV?


Aug 11 - Rocky Mountain National Park Sprague Lake

Quite a drive from Frisco, but east on I40, the north to Estes Park and west into the park.


One of our favorite places to visit, just a short hike from the campground.

The Hike:



Lake Sprague:





Forgot to tell you we met Bob and Karen in RMNP for a few days, and we were showing them some of our favorite spots....




More hikes:  How can you not love this place?








Aug 12 - Four Lakes - Bear, Nymph, Dream and Emerald in RMNP

Our favorite hike  - take the park bus to the highest trailhead, then walk four miles past four great lakes.




And the hiking there and back...









What a glorious day!

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