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Aug 17 - Michigan lake State Forest State Park

On Hwy 14 west of Fort Collins (see green, center top on map). Known for moose sightings, even have a moose visitor center. We saw no moose. sigh!  Gorgeous area. REAL Colorado!



This moose made of metal! At the visitor center.








Can it be MORE Colorado?

Aug 18 - to Steamboat Springs and Yampa River Botanic Park


Four views.  Which is better?











In town:



Aug 20 - Marble CO and Ouray

Marble CO - where marble for Lincoln and Washington monuments cam from...


even a discarded piece of column for the Lincoln monument

Beautiful wall work on the structures remaining



On to Ouray


Spent the night at the first picture above, or at least tried to.  A gentleman at the visitor center said it would be OK to park overnight at this spot, but the police at 3 am decided otherwise! Packed up and drove over the mountain towards Silverton, stopping at a rest area in between till morning.

Aug 21 - to Silverton

Road to Silverton from Ouray spectacular. Million Mile Highway over the pass.




Then the town,




Turns out this was the day for the Brass Band Festival.  Click HERE for the video.


Thought he was waiting for me, but it was for the Sousa's grandson. Right is the view outside the concert.



After the concert, the steam locomotive from Durango came into town.  What fun today!



We stayed the night at a Forest Service campground south of town:




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