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Time to boogie to Arizona.  Cut across New Mexico, through Indian lands, stop at the Grand Canyon and then south to  Prescott where we would be spending Sept as a Sower project.





Aug 22 - Navaho Lake Cottonwood Campground

Quiet desert campground beside a big lake.




Aug 23 - Aztec Ruins.

Stopped at a site (no record where it is) with Aztec ruins.








Aug 24 - Grand Canyon East

Haven't been to the Grand Canyon for a few years, so decided to spend a couple of days here.  With the Geezer pass (Senior discount), we waive the $20 entry fee, and get the campground site for half-price at $9.  Cheapest campground around.

Got to see a deer right off.





We did a lot of walking today along the rim.
















Then the elk when we came back


Quite a first day - tomorrow, we go to Grand Canyon West. 

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