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July 2 - Glen Eyrie,  Colorado Springs, CO


Glen Eyrie is where we felt that God had called us this July for a Sower project.  It is in Colorado Springs CO, and is a conference center and the home of the Navigators, a Christian discipling ministry.  It is next to the Garden of the Gods, and has spectacular scenery.

These four pictures are from the Garden.  Do you see the kissing camels in the first one?  We joke it is a turtle.






July 3 - Concert at America the Beautiful Park

America the Beautiful Park is in downtown Colorado Springs, and has frequent events in the summer, especially concerts.



 It's a great park.  The sculpture in the middle is a waterfall, and the kids get under it when the weather turns hot. Today it was threatening to rain.






This guy just got up on the stage and started dancing...he was the best entertainment today.






Other "strange" people there today...Music was great  though.




July 12 - work at Glen Eyrie

Von Edge and I were assigned to build a cabinet for glass sheets, Patty was painting.



Later in the day, we got to see the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo parade.  Lots of horses, of course.



And the Air Force Academy band, and big floats


 July 15 - Glen Eyrie sheep

  Every once in a while we would look up form our campsite and see the sheep.




July 15 - visit

We said so much about Colorado Springs in years past, that Gary and Aimee came with Justin, Diana and Michael for a few days in mid-month.



July 16 - Touring


This is Colorado...





    Do you see the rock climber?


July 17 - Loveland Pass

Took off the end of teh project with Bob and Karen Lovell - first stop Loveland pass

Cold, windy and see the snow in the middle of July









Site of former mining town




July 22 - Dragonfly

never miss an opportunity to capture a dragonfly



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