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Spring at Home

Before we start our journey in June to Colorado and then Arizona, here are some pics of our home in Spring.








Work at Pool House


I spent a few weeks with some help from neighbors in finishing out the pool house at Fatherheart. 





Here are the results.








Simmons Reunion

For several years, on the Saturday before Father's Day s, the Simmons reunion takes place in Walters Oklahoma.  Here are a few pictures.

the gang, Aimee and Gary; Patty with her brother Michael and sister Penny.



  The four chidren of Brady and Jan, with Levi hugging Ryker, the child of Patty's Brother Michael.


June 29 - New Mexico

On the way to Colorado, we stopped at this park in New Mexico.



Saw this insect so well camouflaged.  can you see him?




June 30 - in Colorado at the Arkansas river


     mergansers, fun to watch their antics


our kind of country




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