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Sept 02 - Jerome

Day off today.  Took the wild road from Prescott to Jerome.  This road, Hwy 89A, through the mountains has something like 200 turns. 

Some of the sights in Jerome. It was a major copper mining town about 100 years ago, turned into a ghost town, now revitalized .


views of the town on the side of this mountain


In the museum, some ore samples






and this beautiful desk

Hotel and school....


hotel (now a private residence) and church




Sept 09 - Around Prescott Pines

A few woodpeckers are creating holes in the wood log buildings. Other birds here as well.



Tall pine trees around the property


Sept 09 - Watson Lake

A few miles out of town is Watson Lake. Curious rock formations. There is also a large campground associated with the lake, and some swimming holes, picnic areas, etc so it is well used..  We went for a delightful walk on a trail around the lake.




Sept 10 - Around Prescott

A few pics around Prescott. First look at these window boxes..






Sept 11 - 911  on the courthouse lawn




Sept 12 - Sower work at Prescott Pines

The three couples working this month



Ladies work


Sweeping the roof


Building a fence


Dismantling a fence


And then relaxing in a barbeque




Sept 17 - Not all Women



Sept 17 - Best Fest in Prescott

On eth way to the Best Fest, a tribute to the military today, this memorial to the Salvation Army



Never saw one of these before, did you.  A side car on a scooter


Some history most of us didn't know about.





Some WWII vehicles




Indian dances, stage shows


And airlplanes


And a gun fight


How's that for entertainment?  Even had ice cream cones at only $1.25 a scoop!

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