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Sept 21 - San Diego Harbor

Just before we left Prescott, we realized we were only about 700 miles from San Diego.  Patty hadn't seen her aunts for several years, so we decide to drive there for a weekend. Hew Aunt Viva was in a care home, and when it was time for her afternoon nap, we drove to te San Diego harbor for lunch on the waterfront.



Sept 22 - Old picture

While visiting with her other aunt, we saw this picture of Patty's dad and mom with her aunt and uncle.


Sept 24 - Camp Verde

Time to go.  This is the route we took out east from Prescott to New Mexico, on Route 260.  The road followed the Mogollon Rim for a good distance.  Our first stop was a campground near Cottonwood . .






Sept 25 - Cottonwood Campground

A desert campground with a view of Jerome.


Sept 25 - Montezuma National Monument

Close by was the Montezuma National Monument


Playing with color and black-and-white.



Sept 25 - Tonto Natural Bridge

A few miles down the road again, we came to the Tonto Natural Bridge State PArk, just north of Payson.  At first it didn't look that big, but we were surprised when we went down.











Sept 26 - Woods Canyon Lake

Woods Canyon Lake was one of the prettiest lakes on our trip.





We took a walk along the stream feeding the lake.








Lots to see



Sept 27 - Obama Billboard

Saw this billboard in Sept 2011.


Sept 28 - Camping on small Lake near NM





Sept 29 - VLA (Very Large Array)

In our travels, we've past this large array of radio antennae several times. They are used to listen for radio signals from outer space. Site has been used for a few science fiction movies.  This time we decided t stop, and we weren't disappointed.


There was an organized tour at the same time we were there, and we were allowed to stay with them for a while.


Sept 30 - Albuquerque Balloon Museum

Here in Albuquerque for the annual hot air balloon fiesta.  Starts tomorrow.  We are parked in an RV lot with over 2500 RV's. Today we looked into the balloon museum. Tha's





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