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Apr 26-30, 2013

These are come of the birds we saw on our trip to the Hill Country. 

Male Lazuli Bunting and Female Cardinal


Male Lincoln's Sparrow and Female? Spotted Towhee


Male Cardinal and Male Indigo Bunting


Male Black Crested Titmouse




Female Painted Bunting and Male Painted Bunting



Male Cardinal and Female Cardinal


Yellow Breasted Chat and Male Painted Bunting


Indigo Bunting and Purple Finch


Male? Spotted Towhee and ?


Lesser Goldfinch (Western) and Hutton's Vireo?


Female Cardinal and Male Lesser Goldfinch (Texas)


Black Crested Titmouse and Red Breasted Nuthatch


Nashville Warbler and Black Throated Sparrow


Female Painted Bunting and Male Painted Bunting



Next page shows some of the other sights on our trip.

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