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April 22-29 - Trip to Hill Country State Parks

April 22 - Canyon lake COE Park near New Braunfels


April 23  - Garner State Park

Drive west to Leakey, then south to the park.

We love the Frio river - clear and cold with cypress trees on its banks.  Last visited in Fall 2004.




But there are also other sights to see....




Apr 24 - Lost Maples SP

Just up the road from Garner SP (east to Utopia and north past Vanderpol is Lost Maples SP.  Great hiking trails.







And a bird blind where we got some of the pictures on the previous page.  AND...a recipe for a chocolate cake made in a mug!



April 25 - ON to South Llano River SP

Easy enough...north (sort of - side trips) to near Junction.


Here is where we got the bulk of our bird pics - FOUR bird blinds!  But other sights to see as well.


This house in Hunt on the way to SLRSP.

And the fence row with boots on the other side of town...


   Some Historical Signs are interesting.


Birds again:





A summer tanager, and some finches on the seed sock.






Apr 26 - On to Lake Buchanan

Mostly east on route 29.

Lake was seriously dry, down about 15 feet or so.  But some flowers and other things here and there.




Apr 27 - Inks Lake SP

Just about 15 miles due east from Lake Buchanan.  Took a hike with a ranger from 10-12. Lots of flowers.





Look at the length of the tail on the scissortail flycatcher.  Then there was a Marble Falls High School fishing tournament that morning - the biggest bass caught, shown here, was 8 lbs 5 ounces!

Took an evening boat ride around the lake.




Spooked them:


Apr 28-9 More State Parks

Drove to Glen Rose, stopped at Dinosaur SP, then east to Meridian to look at Meridian SP, and even further east to look at Cleburne SP on the way home.



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