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Dec 23 - To Mena Center and Market

To downtown today looking for grass and flowers to plant.  First stop, Mena Center.



About 1/2 mile away, open air market called Mena Market, where all sorts of plants and outdoor living stuff can be found, as well as the closest thing we have seen to a bazaar, where you can but just about anything for the right price.

Across the street as we enter, building under construction.  You can see hoe the exteriors and interiors are finished.





Unusual, this bougainvillea - several plants atop a dead tree limb to look like a flower tree.


From pots to a Victrola




Dec 23 - on way to Al Wahda Mall and supper






At the mall and TGIFriday's.  Non-alcoholic drinks only in UAE.




Dec 24 - Camel Beauty Contest


In $ US, that's over 3/4 million dollars.




Dec 25 - Christmas Morning

You could tell there were only adults in this house this morning.  Woke up late.

.Christmas decorations...










Dresses are inexpensive and bought by the many





Dec 25 - Christmas on the Beach

What do you do on Christmas in Abu Dhabi? You go to the beach!

Beautiful clean beach





Lots of small shells...



It was windy and cold....


Beach houses


On the way there, and back...





There's this BIG waterpark





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