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Dubai Police add McLaren to its police car lineup.  I guess you need one to catch those speeders in Lamborghini's....



Dec 26 - Grand Mosque

Our second visit to the Grand Mosque on Abu Dhabi.  This time we are on a tour and with Mike.

Entrance has lots of flowers


The exterior is grand, inspired we were told by the Taj Mahal.  11 years in designing, 9 years in constructing.




The dress code at the mosque requires women to have head coverings and no bare shoulders and no shorts.




Inside the first lobby, tiles and marble sculptured walls and cielings



This little girl decided to pose for a picture.


More poses and selfies...He headphones are for the tour.


 Inside the courtyard, take shoes off and then into the second lobby



Here lots of inlaid marble.






This big chandelier in the main room



Front wall with names of Allah





Inlaid marble on white marble columns



It was a good trip - more enjoyable this time with a tour guide.




Dec 26 - Outside School Construction Progress

Construction continues across the street on the school.  roof on large building is installed, and corner gold-colored siding place on the main building.



We are finding out more about these buildings.  The big main building is NOT the Alain University, but the school, possibly something like a high school.


Dec 26 - Shangri-la buffet


This evening, we all got dressed up and went downtown to the Shangri-La International Buffet.  I think Mike sunned it up best: It's not the best buffet I ever had, it's the best restaurant I've ever been to. Everyone got stuffed.

Dec 27 - Construction progress

Some progress today on the buildings across the street.  This big crane showed up overnight, and was used to lift these large structures to the roof of the building.  A look on the other side shows that it will be covered, but no clue as to its purpose.


Two pile drivers on the other end starting some foundation for another building




Dec 28 - Dinner at Etihad Towers

Had a stay-at-home day yesterday, went to the swimming pool for a while.

Tonight, got dressed up again and went downtown to have dinner again on the 62nd floor of the Etihad towers.

 Stopped first at the Emirates Palace across the street.




Lots of gold color everywhere. There's the world's largest black pearl again.



And the gold vending machine


Nice-looking couple


Entrance to the Palace outside, you can see colors changing


Etihad towers outside and a new adjacent building on the right.  The first two are when we first arrived, then, now in teh evening




In the lobby of Etihad. Christmas tree and changing globes.


Getting relaxed..


View of the Palace from the tower, and our supper.


Waiting for the car.

Got to see our first of three newer Rolls tonight.  Jut needed a slight change of color for Aggies.


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