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Dec 29 at Home

Ed went bowling today with Gary and Mike . Woefully out of shape.  Hadn't been bowling since last year at this same place when we went with Halloween costumes.  This is what we looked like then.

Having fun with Oggie. He wasn't happy about it. We all thought it was hilarious.


Dec 30 - Trivia Night

Tonight, we went to Stars and Bars, an English-style pub, for burgers and such and the Monday night trivia content. 



Here are the questions.  Hard. Most of the crowd is British, so you have to know English sports and news.  And of course, you have to be under 35 or so to do the music parts.  How well can you do?  HINT: All of it happened in 2013.






Round 4 was this group of people. You have to identify the one who is different from the rest and why.


This how we did (we=Titans).  You didn't expect answers here, did you?

There were additional tests and two groups finished in a tie. The tie breaking question was: "When was I married? The one with the date closest to that wins."

Outside: the sport arena mirrored in the water, and the front of the adjoining hotel.



Dec 31 - Movies and Pizza on New Year's Eve


A quiet day today. You know.  Catching up on laundry (the dryer doesn't vent to the outside, but puts the moisture extracted in a cup), making a pumpkin cake in an oven that doesn't work like the one at home (what was 350 in Celsius, top and/or bottom heat with or without convection, etc), grocery shopping (is goat butter the same as butter, I can' t find it), the cleaner man is here but I can't find Gary, BUT

we made it up later with movies and Papa Murphy's pizza on New Year's Eve.  Us old folks actually stayed up until after 12! We didn't even try to watch the world record breaking fireworks in Dubai....



The best (grace and peace) to all of you in the coming year. May Christ reign in your hearts!

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