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July 04 - Boston Pops and Fireworks

We arrived in Masssachusetts a few days early for our Sower project at Mission E$ in Gardner, about 6090 minutes west of Boston. Early enough that we made the trip to Boston on the 4th for the Boston Pops concert and the Fireworks.  We = Patty and I as well as Sower friends Bob and Karen Lovell.  That's us ready.....

We noticed a lot of security because the Boston Marathon explosion was recent.



Bumper sticker on one car.....

First the concert, then the fireworks


Here are s FEW of the pictures we took (had more!)

















How's that for a fireworks show?

Jul 12 - Boston sightseeing day

We decided to go back to Boston the following weekend.  We took a bus tour of the city to see what we wanted to spend more time.

View from our indoor parking spot ($37 a day, downtown Boston, 6 story parking lot).



The tour bus we took that morning.



Sights along the way:




lots of statues: (mostly of sports figures, even the first one of Napoleon wearing a Boston Bruins shirt)



Lots of churches:






Tall buildings:



Sports stadiums"


Interesting buildings:


Walls painted


Old and new:





Believe it or not - the Post Office building! (mail brought in by ship)


Other scenes at the waterfronts:



Outside of Faneuil Hall


Cheers - where everyone knows your name.  This interior is a replica of the TV set.  The real Cheers is elsewhere in Boston


Faneuil hall, and the Quincy market across the street:



Old maps inside the building:


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