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July 12, Boston, continued:

We took a tour with a ranger (Faneuil Hall is a National place. His subject was the history of Boston from 1760 to 1770, a few years leading up to the war.




Statues and plaques about the Irish famine, and Boston sends help:




Interesting structures



Paul Revere: (we took a tour of his house, but have no pictures)


Back in  the market area:


From atop our parking building before we left






What a day!

July 26 - Car Show at Kimball Farm

Every week, a day for car show at Kimball Farm.  Many people, lots of cars, good seafood.


Yes, Camaro....







A Hudson!






and, lastly, the car I should have bought.....





July 15 - Mission E4 Sower project

This month, reason we are in Massachusetts, is because we signed up to volunteer at Mission E4 in Hubbardston, about 1 1/2 hours west of Boston. This mission is to train (E4=Ephesians 4, equipping the saints) young people to serve in Haiti.  Our work here was mainly painting the outside of a large dormitory, dismantling some steelwork used for mounting solar panels, taking care of the vegetable garden and installing a new sink and refrigerator in one of the dorm rooms. Working with us were Bob and Karen Lovell and Stan and Carlie Buttrick.




Patty enjoyed making colorful bookmarks with scriptures. And don't you love  this sign?



July 27 - Dragonfly

This one posed for me.




ZOOOOOM in.....


July 27 - Living Stones Foundation

We saw the dragonfly above while at the Living Stones Foundation site.  Went with the Lovells and the Buttricks - Sowers we were workign with at Mission E4. Story here: a man  started carving scripture into stone.  All of the sculptures were made from rejected stone from quarries (some imperfections making them unsalable) . 









These are just some of the stones. Many more.

July 28 - Another dragonfly

This one was on the truck, and didn't move for a long time.


July 29 - Camper and Rainbow


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