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June 01 - A Dragonfly

I like to take pictures of dragonflies.  Did you notice that?

June 01- Fishing with Levi ,Caden and Brady in Athens

Took the boys to Athens for a fishing reip at the fishery there.  Levi reeled in his first catch.



A duck in one of the fishing ponds.


June 04 - Painted Bunting in Birdbath

We have several painted buntings at home that like to visit the birdbath about 5 pm just about every day.  When you are looking for them, it's easy enough to get a picture or two. This one cooperated to get this sequence.


June 22 - Art Deco Cars in Nashville

Start of our summer trip.  Spend a couple of days with Fiona in Nashville. She took us to an exhibit at the Frisch Center where a first ever show on Art Deco Cars. i couldn't take enough pictures.  First a look at the side of this building when we were walking. This painting on the side of the plain brick building caught our attention.





















This was the first time for an exhibit like this.  The cars were from private collections all over the Unites States. At least a half dozed came from oversees.


On the top floor of the Frisch was a collection of artifacts of ancient peoples (1000BC and forward) from Mexico and Central America.  No photography allowed.

This is the third time we saw an exhibit at eth Frisch.  Always a good trip.


June 28 - Rock Run, Maryland

A stop along the way in Maryland - a civil war era settlement on the Susquehanna river.  Great place to stretch lags and visit.


We visited with this older gentleman using this reclining tricycle.





Got to leave this page, because the next lot of pictures are for Longwood Gardens.

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