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Mar 01 - Mineola Nature Preserve

This afternoon, took the grandkids to Mineola Nature Preserve.  Didn't take too many pictures. A couple of maps of the trails.



Mar 23 - Caden at the Robotics Fair

Caden in a metal cage taking the high voltage discharge.




Taking a computer apart. Checking computer controls.


One of eth robots.   A car outfitted with MANY robot fish and crayfish, with motion in sync with music.


Mar 28 - Bluebonnets

This time of year is bluebonnet time.


Mar 28 - Caden ii Soccer Game

Some good action shots.




Mar 28 - The Crandell house

Dennis and Marilyn Crandell got their new house delivered today. Lots of onlookers.  Even refreshments!


One half of the house, with the remote control tractor that pushes it into place.


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