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Nov 15 - Adoption of Elva and Angel

We may have mentioned that Brady and Jan are involved in a ministry with YWAM called 4the1. It is a part of the Fatherheart Ministry which concerns the welfare of unwed mothers and their children. 4the1 is about recovering children in troubled foster care and placing them into successful Christian adoption. Sometimes this has to take the route of taking these children into their home, and working with hem to make them more adoptable. Such was the case for Elva and Angel who spent about a half-year with Brady and Jan in their home.  Today, a family that was picked by Brady and Jan to be their forever family came to Tyler for an adoption ceremony. 







Nov 19 - Our Bradford Pears this Fall

Our Bradford pears, despite some problems with a fungus in the spring which killed a few branches, still give s good show in the fall.






Nov 21 - School Thanksgiving Play

Every year at Thanksgiving, the Christian Heritage School which the grandkids attend, puts on a Thanksgiving play.  This year, it was Caden and Levi's turn. 



The many faces of Caden


And the many faces of Levi





What a nice idea.  A board where you can write what you are thankful for.





Nov 22 - Leaves on the ground

Had a good storm last night, and he Bradford pear leaves are on the ground.









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