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Oct 04 - Spider Lilies

We were treated to a show of spider lilies coming home.




Oct 05 - Sulphur Springs Festival

As you will see in the next few entries this month, we are with the grandchildren on several opportunities after being a few month without them.  The first one is the annual festival at Sulphur Springs (about an hour north of us). Here are some of the sights.

There are several old buildings brought onto this park.  This Ford has a V-8 engine! Sounded like a 60's muscle car when started and it took off in a hurry.



Levi and Anna, here nearly 7 and nearly 13.


Grandma showing Caden (here 10) how to hula hoop.  Mary didn't come that day.




Oct 10 - Mary and Anna at Volleyball Tournament

Mary and Anna tried out for Volleyball at school this year.  Here are a few snaps taken at the tournament in Longview.










Oct 12 - Mineola Nature fest

Every year the Mineola Nature Preserve puts on a great fest.  This is the first year they had it in the fall, and the first in a few years when it wasn't pouring rain. This year, they featured Bigfoot.  The raptor people were also there and we got some nice close-ups of the bald eagle.





Oct 23 - New Images of BLCRC on Google Earth

The following images of BLCRC were posted on Google Earth recently.  Pictures were taken on Oct 23, 2013. we've grown a lot over the past 2-3 years.


Oct 26 - Eleanor's 8th Birthday

Drove down to Houston for the weekend to celebrate Eleanor's 8th birthday.  Eleanor is Derek and Verr's younger daughter.

Got into the moustache thing....


Lots of kids




The cake:


and the moment


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