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July 27 - Cannon and Pemigewasset


Cannon is a ski hill.  In the summer, you can use the cable car to get some fantastic views.  You'll recall we had a double ticket for the Flume and the tramway.






Pemigewasset  - water rocks and trees...












July 28 - Kankemugus NH


One of our favorite places.  Several Forest Service campgrounds along the Kankemagus hwy.  Just enjoy these photos coming.  The only thing better is being there.












July 30 - Drive through New York to Camp Shoshanah (Sower project for August)


We met this man sitting on a bench in front of the lake.  Found out he was a volunteer that spends his summer cleaning up the Adirondack trail.  I think he was older than we were.


 Stopped for lunch later.  Patty and the seagulls...




Another lake and a campground.








July 30 - Osprey nest




In the same area, this bird...



So much for July...August next


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