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July 1 - Land Between the Lakes (TN/KY) Nature Center


Great campground, and closeups to the animals at the Nature center














July 2 - LBL 1850's Farm

This is a historical reconstruction of 1850's farm buildings.













We like going to these.  Do you?


July 4 - Fireworks at Mt Juliet


Got to Fiona's place in Mt Juliet and just in time for the fireworks display in the town.  First time I wsa able to use the fireworks option in the camera.



















Did you get enough?  Running a sequence like this really shows how much more color there is at the end.


July 6 - Kentucky 1850's buildings


Another place where there is a collection of farm houses from the 1850's:









     Church and school




  Interesting story about quilts and their meanings/warnings during the underground railroad days







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