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July 9 - Dover Air Museum - DE

We had a great day with the Awokuse's at the Dover Air Museum. Titus and Tina are the parents of three children - Daniel, Joshua and Sarah Joy. Titus is from Nigeria and he married Tina from Kentucky.  We met them when Titus was a student at Texas A&M oh about 1990 or so. We try to meet up with them for a day or two when we are in the vicinity of Delaware where they live.

Here - lots of old airplanes and the children enjoying them.



































July 10 - Science Museum





July 10 - Us Cowboys!

Don't remember where we were, but it looked like a lot of fun!




July 21 - Ed with JuJu - Montreal


JuJu is Ed's sister Mimi's dog.




July 22 - Patty with JuJu




July 22 - Smuggler's Notch State Park - VT


We had a great time with sister, and now we're off towards Maine for our Sower project there, but first we plan to spend a week or two in Vermont and New Hampshire.  One of the first stops for the night was Smuggler's Notch State Park in Vermont.



Golf course across the street



Falls as well






July 23 - Stowe, Ben and Jerry's, VT


When in Vermont, ya gotsta stop in Stowe.  Pretty sights.  The brown one's for sale.









Yes, Ben and Jerry's...




Just in case you missed it, the flavor is the Buzz - light coffee and malt ice creams with whisky caramel swirl and english toffee pieces.  Put that in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone and..........




July 24 - Stillwater Camp, Groton Lake State Park, VT


My kind of camping...wood fire and marshmallows coming, maybe a couple of brats....




Changing state to NH, new page



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