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Aug 01 - Cabot Cheese and Champlain Ferry, Vermont

On the way to Quebec to spend a weekend with Emil and Johane, Ed's uncle, then a few days in the Adirondacks, followed by a week or so with Mimi, Ed's sister in Sherbrooke (90 minutes east of Montreal), we pass from New Hampshire to Vermont crossing Lake Champlain and then to Quebec. We stopped at the Cabot cheese factory and Ben and Jerry's.  The lineup for ice cream was so long at Ben and Jerry's, that we decided to forego that delight until next time we pass through.



Nice house in Stowe, Vermont, also a malt shop! Well, if you miss the ice cream at Ben and Jerry's......


We had quite a downpour crossing the lake on the ferry.


Aug 02  - OOL

We arrived at a campground in Quebec just a few miles from Emil's place. The swimming pool had this interesting sign:


Aug 03 - Adirondacks with Emil and Johane

Emil (by the way, my uncle is about 2 years younger than me) wantd first to eat at one of his favorite places - Saranac Sourdough just outside of Lake Placid in teh Adirobdacks.  We decided to spend the day in NY.


Later, just outside of Jay, there is a stopping place where under the bridge you can see some falls of the Ausable river.



Whiteface mountain.

Later that evening, we stopped in Jay at the village gazebo for the Saturday concert, which featured one of our favorite folk singers, Roy Hurd.  This time, he had with him a gentleman (name forgotten) who really knew how to play the harmonica.  Quite a concert.



A wonderful day in the Adirondacks - we planned to come back for more.

Aug 04 - Campground Beach with Emile and Johane

The next day, they came to our campground on Lake Champlain. We had a good time visiting.  Promised we would be back after visiting with Mimi.




Aug 05 - Butterfly Garden at the VIC

Patty and I decided to spend a few days in the Adirondacks before travelling to Mimi's.  We stopped first at the VIC north of Saranac Lake in Paul Smith, and visited the butterfly garden there.




Aug 05 - Walk in Paul Smith VIC

One of our favorite things to do is take a walk in the VIC.  Many things to see.







We love the birch bark, tempted to peel some off, but remember the sign from last month.



Magical, isn't it?

Here is a short video of a stream and the water bubbling over the rocks. HERE.

Aug 06 - Adirondacks - Fernow forest , Long Lake and Beach Campground

The next day, we headed south towards Long Lake.  On the way, we stopped at the Fernow forest, what is left of an interesting experiment nearly one hundred years ago.  This was the site of a hardwood forest, and there had been no knowledge about whether it would be possible to grow a stand of pine trees here. Never been done.  Fernow conducted the experiment, cut down the hardwood trees, sold them, burned the residue and planted several pine species.  The burning of the residue unfortunately cost him his job as head of the State Forestry School because "influential" residents close by complained to the Governor about "all of the smoke polluting the atmosphere" . But the experiment was successful, and you can now take a walk among many 100 year old pine trees.

Long Lake - a great place to stop and take in the sights.  How bout this one- $4000 buys Volvo station wagon and canoe!



Another lake down the road. (if I remember the name of the lake, I'll come back).




And our campground.  Turns out we have been here before. Nice beach - spend a while sunning here.  Interesting, that when we came here, the guard at the entry asked us to check out several of the remaining sites to pick one for ourselves, and when we returned with this one as our choice, he said to go ahead, the cost of the site today was on the state.





Aug 06 - Dragonfly



Aug 07 - Sagamore

Sagamore was a summer residence of one of our presidents.  You have to take a drive on a dirt road some five miles off the main road. When we got there, we decided the cost of see the house was too expensive, so we walked around the lake instead, hoping to see the exterior when we got to the other side of the lake.




This was as close as we could get......



Aug 08 - Adirondack VIC

Stopped at another VIC that we hadn't seen before. By the way VIC - visitor interpretation center. These are now run by local colleges and staffed with students.

Always a good walk on the wild side.  For some reason, many of the trees had bare roots.










Stickers on the back of our camper.


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