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Aug 10 - Magog, Quebec

Crossed over from Vermont into the province of Quebec Canada, and made our way east to Sherbrooke. Met with Mimi, Ed's sister. Her real name is Rosemary, and she is two years younger. Ed's mom said that when Ed was 3 or so, she would be 1, she was trying to say Rosemary, but it came out like Rice-mimi, so it stuck.

On this day, we decided on an outing to Magog and its Lake Memphramagog.  Really a tourist area with lots to do.

The lake is big enough to have excursion boats.


Love this sign.  And like many lakes around here (Champlain has Champie), it has its own lake monster,



After a few hours of walking (it was cool and breezy), we saw this sign and had to stop for our first encounter of poutine this year.  Poutine is one of Ed's and Patty's favorites,  french fries covered in gravy and farmer's cheese.  Great with a hot dog with both dog and bun cooked on a grill.


Was James Bond Here? Ed with Mimi.



Aug 11 - Nature Walk in Magog


The next day, we returned to Magog, along with Mimi and Rosanne, Mimi's daughter, Ed's niece.  She also lives in Sherbrooke (actually Rock Forest, a suburb), and was the main reason that Mimi loved here after she sold her house in Montreal. We came for a nature walk, with entrance across the street from the lake



Had this woodpecker posing for us....


and of course, flowers and berries



After a while, we picked up a picnic lunch basket at St Hubert Barbeque (a favorite chicken barbeque in Quebec) and took a stroll on the lake on the another side of Sherbrooke.  Roseanne works across the street from here, and often comes here for lunch in the park. A walk around the lake, kayaks and peddle boats for rent, what more?.




Aug 12 - Mimi and Ed in the kitchen


Both like to work in the kitchen.



Mimi and her daughters.  From bottom left, clockwise: Roseanne, Andrea, Suzanne and Monica.

Art work - Mimi's painting and Patty's vase



Aug 20 - Green VW

On the way to a fleas market today, saw this car outside a restaurant.


Aug 21 - Montreal with Emile and the Lovells, Bob and Karen

After a week with Mimi and Roseanne, we turned back west to Montreal where we met up with the Lovells again. Since we were together earlier, they were in Maine with their two grandchildren, for a kayak trip. Emil was out tour guide.

This trip to Montreal started with lunch on St Lawrence street, specifically Schwartz's Delicatessen, the home of (and still the best) smoke meat. Smoke meat is like Pastrami , but cooked a little differently and with different spices.  It was very busy today, wit a long line OUTSIDE waitiig to get in, so we ordered form take-out, and ate iin oe of the outside seating areas made from a container.


We walked up to Duluth and turned right towards St Denis - this is the area where Ed lived in from about 1946-51 while his parents ran a grocery store on the intersection of Duluth and Laval.  The building has since been replaced.  Other sights along the way



Kind of an artsy place now, with lots of color.  We even found a young lady playing the piano outside.



What trip to Montreal would be complete without a drive to the lookout on Mount Royal.  Montreal is an island surrounding a "mountain" in the middle of the St Lawrence river.  You can see  the Olympic stadium form up here.




Next a stop on Fairmount bakery on Fairmount street, making bagels 24/7.  Bought some bagels, freshly made and warm, and ate them on a bench across the street where this photo was taken. They melt in your mouth, like fresh warm donuts.  And other sights to see: a music box and a Duc boat.


On to old Montreal .  Johane met up with us here after work.






Watch it, Karen and Bob.  People are watching. 



Nothing like a park bench after a long walk, or a sore back.


Montreal was founed in 1620, so plenty of older European style buildings.





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