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July 30 - New Hampshire - The Kankamagus Highway and Jigger Johnson Campgrounf

We said our good-bye's yesterday and made our way to New Hampshire and the Kankamagus Highway, We started on the east end near Jigger Johnson campground so we could go west to Lincoln and up the Pemigewasset.  Don't you love those names?

First, early in the am, you can be alone at the river with its large rocks.


Then, the people come - a favorite spot.

At the gorge, west of that.




The Kankamagus river gets smaller to the west



Stopped for a chat


At the falls...





More place to walk west of the falls



Back to our campground




The campground has the river behind it - a good place to replenish our supply of rocks.


July 31 - The Pemigewasset (Pemi)

The Pemi is a river going north to south through the white mountains. Much to see along this river.

The Basin - a pool of water carved out of rock



A walk through the woods along the river, and where we stopped for lunch..


on the side of a car in the parking lot

and a butterfly came to see us


continuing our walk.







Old man of the mountain, a picture and a wall that lets you see how it was...


An old cabin near the old man.

The train station on our way back to the campground, and then a good wood fire for roasted corn!


And that was the end of our days in New Hampshire.  You now know why we love this spot. easy to reach by car or by our truck camper, but nearly impossible with larger RV's.


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