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Aug 2 - Underground Montreal

With Emil, our tour guide, and Bob and Karen.  Montreal has an extensive underground - claim it is the largest in the world.  The underground is especially useful in the winter with Montreal's Harsh , cold climate.  Underground is access to the main train station (where we entered), subway stops, department stores, shopping malls, restaurants, coffee shops, apartments and condos, and many downtown skyscraper offices.  Well, skyscraper is relative and limited to 44 stories - the maximum permitted.  And, for every tall building, it has to sit on a plaza of some size so as not to obstruct the view of Mt Royal.  The plazas had underground shopping, and in time were connected and voila! an underground Montreal!  Here's what is looks like:

 They found ice cream (at Laura Secord's).






It was raining outside on Ste Catherine Street.



We met with Johane again, and went to eat supper on the east side, near the Olympic Stadium.


Aug 23 - Can-Am Spyder

Bob and Karen were interested in looking at and having a trial ride on a Can-Am Spyder, a trike made in Canada by  the same folks who make Ski-Doos.  We fould a dealer close by.







Later we opted to go back to St Lawrence for a street fair.  Sshwattz's again.


What are Emil and Karen doing?




Aug 24 - Mexican Fiesta

Went to the Mexican Fiesta held every year in a suburb of Montreal that has many Hispanics.  Enjoyed the sights, ate good food, but unfortunately took very few pictures.

That's Emil getting into the groove.



Aug 30 - Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Travelled on Thursday night with Emil and Johane in their RV, we in ours, from Montreal towards Old Orchard Beach, Maine.  Stopped late in a supermarket parking lot, and were in Old Orchard early morning.  This was our extended weekend with Emil and Johane, camping and visiting together.

Emil took us around to see the various beaches, and we stopped a garage sale with all sorts of Walt Disney stuff.  In the back of the house, this gorgeous view.


In town, the beach was full of people.


On the Pier


In one of the marinas



Later in the day, we visited the chocolate moose!



Aug 31 - More Old Orchard Beach

Today was a beach day.  WE both parked in a commercial campground a few miles from where we wanted to be. Nice Falcon.






Ed's gonna have to lose some weight. Living too Good!






Emil remembered this great Fish and Chip restaurant from a previous visit. It was called Gloria's, Susan's. Great food.  Look what Patty found!



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