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Sept 03 - More Beach

We dropped the commercial campground, and went to a state park in Massachusetts just below the Maine border.  It was a first experience with Emil and Johane not being in a commercial campground, and they liked it a lot.  So did we.



Sept 07 - Tall Ships, Erie

The tall ships were in Erie, so we drove to the lake to see them.   Big crowds, nice ships.

On the way down, caught a fishing charter coming in with a good catch of fish, and someone who really knew how to filet them.



Interesting old fishing boat - similar to the one we saw in Michigan last year.  A water taxi ad a police boat with THREE 300 hp motors.





And there we are;


and an opportunity to pick up rocks....



Last some pictures...



Sept 13 - Allegheny NF, Rim Rock, and Kinzua Dam and Bridge

Our sower friends, who have lived here most of their lives,  took us n a trip to the Allegheny National Forest in the Pennsylvania wildlands.

 First stop was the Kinzua dam, east of Warren




Overlooks of the dam area


in theRim Rock arrea

Look at those stairs down the rock wall









Onto the Kinzua bridge area




Here you can walk out about half-way across the chasm, seeig the broken structure below you.



Sept 14 - Miracle Mountain Ranch

Tis is where we were voluteering as Sowers in September.  It's a working horse ranch (over 70 horses) that trains youth for Christian ministry and leadership.

We spent most of the there weeks here in planing boards (2x8, 2x10) and posts (4x8, 4x10) .


Planer and dust chute, converter 2 phase to 3 phase 220.

Some buildings, mostly arenas, paddocks, hay barns.  The last picture in hsi row is of the walls of a hay barn.  Three such hay barns were torched by an arsenist this summer.


Many older army  vehicles here, which are refurbished and used on the ranch.





Currently using these trucks with a couple of D- cats to create a new base for the hay barns that were burned down.




Some horses





Some of the pallets used to transport hay by people who heard about the fires, and contributed truck loads of hay.


Taking a stroll down the main street - the western style buildings used for dorms, dining halls, classrooms, office, modern baths behind western walls, ball fields, etc.




This is where our planed lumber was headed.








Down the path to the area where the RV's were at.



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