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Sept 13 - Horses

A great place to sit and watch the horses

Horses in Texas would think that grass like this is heaven.


They come running in when they change fields.




 Sept 18 - Staining the boards

After the boards were planed, they had to be stained.


Who says work can't be fun?


Sept 18 - The Lone Star Livery

During teh last week, we got to paint this big livery/barn.










The ladies (CG's - Construction Grandma's) got to use the cherry picker for the last bit of painting, second coats, etc.


The finished product....


Another look at the place they are leveling ot make room for more hay barns.





Sept 19 - Flowers from Signs

Time to go home to Texas. we have to be there on Oct 1 for a doctor appointment, and before that we wat to stop and see Fiona in Tennessee for a few days. On the way there, we saw that one highway department was recycling (repurposing) their traffic signs into FLOWERS!


Sept 20- Barren River Lake COE Campground

The afternoon before we came into the Nashville area, we stopped at the Corps of Engineers Campground at Barren River Lake.  Corps campgrounds are those associated with impoundments and reservoirs created by the Corps of Engineers, and because they are federal campgrounds, we get a 50% discount with our Golden Age Pass.  This pass is available to anyone over 62 for a one-time fee of $10., and allows the holder to stay at any National Park, National Forest Service, COE recreation area, etc for 1/2 price, as well as waiving any entrance fees.  So he campground here costs us $9 for the night, and that included electricity, water hookup, sewer water disposal, bathrooms/showers and boat docks and slips.  More important these campgrounds are at some very nice lakes, and are very popular with fisherman.

Here's how it works: after coming into the gate and talking with the attendant about available sites, you take a tour to decide which one you want. Here's some of our choices:



We chose this one:


To the left the lake, to the right the shower house.


And the table and fire pit, where we made a good fire that night and cooked our supper on it!


That's the vagabond life style that Patty and Ed like.


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